Silver Legacy, Reno

Reno has been called a miniature Las Vegas. This is not true. Reno is a collection of casinos, most much smaller than Las Vegas, and without alot of the same flash.

Despite this, The Biggest Little City in the World is one thing for sure: a gambling destination for any budget!

The Silver Legacy (downtown) and Atlantis Casino Resort Spa (not downtown) are the two finest resorts most like Las Vegas. But don’t look for thrill rides, amusement parks, or anything of this sort in Reno. Reno is a gambling town with Lake Tahoe and skiing closeby.

Even though Reno vacations can be less expensive than Las Vegas, it is advisable you book well in advance (in Las Vegas, you can sometimes get great last-minute deals regardless of the time of the year). In addition to gambling, there is the world’s largest bowling stadium, and a very popular air show. Rooms are more expensive during these times, and if you come during either of these periods without a room, you may find you’re out of luck!