In case you haven’t heard … everything in Las Vegas is bigger than life!

Warning! This is not just a cliché!

  • When your plane comes in, look out the window! When you land in any ordinary city, you see office buildings and such. In Las Vegas, you see a giant pyramid with a huge light beaming out of the top, the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tour, a giant castle, and a “Stratospheric” tower that reaches up into the sky. It is a surreal mixture of every imaginable storybookland you have imagined, all in one place.
  • See that hotel that’s just a “little ways” down the strip? It’s going to take you two hours to walk there! Sure, it looks close, but it is not!
  • Las Vegas has most of the top 10 largest hotels (by occupancy) in the world, and most of the top 10 largest casinos (by number of gaming tables and slots). Consider now that these mega-resorts are all on the same street, parked next door to each other.

In addition to everything being larger than everywhere else, everything is more stimulating. You are constantly bombared with lights and excitement. If you start to think this is normal, you’ll find yourself strangely bored by the regular world when you return from Vegas. Don’t worry normal starts to seem OK again before too long.

Because Vegas is just like a giant, spread out theme park, you will walk alot! There are numerous ways to get around in Vegas (see Getting Around), but you will still need to walk through these resort monstrosities – so wear comfortably walking shoes!