Essential Road Trip Stops in Las Vegas

Guest post by Ryan Embly

In popular culture, Las Vegas is often the final destination for many road trips in the United States. Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, The Hangover, and Go are just a few of the films and books about heading to Vegas for some fun and debauchery.

There are lots of great tourist spots to see in Nevada so here are a few must-see road trip stops in and around the Las Vegas area.

The Hoover Dam

About 30 miles south of Las Vegas you’ll find the Hoover Dam. It is a major US tourist destination and lies along the crest of U.S. 93, a very heavily travelled road trip highway. The dam was originally constructed over a 5 year period between 1931 and 1936. It was dedicated on September 30, 1935, by President Roosevelt. The construction of the dam was the result of a massive effort involving thousands of workers and the dam’s construction cost over a hundred lives.

Indoor Garden Display at Bellagio

Indoor Garden Display at Bellagio

The Hotels

You have to spend some time on your road trip seeing some of the hotels that Vegas has to offer. They’re huge and excessive but you have to see a few of them before you leave.

Caesars Palace, the Luxor, New York New York, and The Venetian are just a few of these colossal hotels.

Old Vegas

This is where Vegas was born. It’s changed a lot since the days of the rat pack but you should still stop by to see some of Old Vegas.

Maybe even spend a day gambling here. The tables are pretty much the same as the new part of town but you’ll save a lot of money on drinks in Old Vegas.

Extraterrestrial Highway

“Extraterrestrial Highway” is the nickname for Highway 375 and it takes you through Rachel, Nevada. The city of Rachel is known as the unofficial UFO capital of the United States. There is a great place to stop for lunch called the Little A-lee-inn Cafe too.

There is also an ID4 monument and you can purchase cool memorabilia for friends and family back home. The Extraterrestrial Highway is a day-trip out from Las Vegas or you can make it a part of your journey north or west.

While you’re in the area you should head down to Area 51 and see if you can see any UFOs flying over!

Great Basin National Park

Now that you’ve seen some aliens its time to see some of Nevada’s natural wonders. If you head north on Highway 93, you’ll want to make sure to stop off at Great Basin National Park and explore the Lehman Caves.

While you’re in your car you’ll spot lots of weird and wonderful roadside art as you approach the park. Once you get there make sure to try the cave tours; they are educational and fun. They’re also offer a great break from the heat of the desert sun.

This was written by Ryan Embly. Embly writes for the car rental comparison website Car Rental Express. They can help you find car rentals in Las Vegas and thousands of other locations across North America.

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  1. Elvis says:

    Thanks for the post. I always wonder where Vegas get all the water from. So, it is hoover dam. It must be massive to satisfy the locals of vegas and millions of tourist who flocks to the Sin City. I got to check out the ET Highway and Great Basin National Bank. There could be an another intelligent lifeform somewhere in the universe. There has got to be.

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