Ever seen an old movie about Las Vegas? Do you wonder why the Strip looks so much different than it does today?

The “old” strip is now less affectionately referred to as “Downtown” or “Fremont Street.” Of course, there is far more to downtown (Las Vegas is a city with more than a million people after all).

The Fremont Street Experience is an absolute must see. At night, look up as you walk down the people-only Fremont Street to see an amazing display of lights – the lights are all programmed and sequenced to look like a giant overhead show. Planes take off, rockets launch, birds fly – it is awesome!

When the show is over, step into one of the many streetside casinos with your bucket of coins, or play $5 blackjack. In this section of Vegas, the casinos are the closest than anywhere else in Vegas. If you don’t like one, stroll casually to the next. Get a hot dog, buy something from a street vendor, or step into a more “adult-oriented” venue for some entertainment (if that is your thing).

Tip: Although we have always had an amazing experience here, this area has to tempt the pick-pocketers. A bunch of tourists staring into the air for a 5-minute show? I suspect they are there. Put your hand in your pocket on your wallet while you watch the show (or wear one of those under the shirt money holders). Know where everyone is before the show, and look down once in awhile to make sure the kids don’t wander off – although this area is very safe for tourists, there are other areas closeby which are less so.