Aria Resort, CityCenter Las Vegas

The much hyped and extremely expensive CityCenter Las Vegas is finally open to the public!

At the center lies the Aria Resort, a stunning piece of architecture and design brilliance that stands out even in a city where everything is larger than life and, in the last decade, no expense is spared in the name of elegance. This might be the last hotel built like this in Las Vegas for awhile (awhile could be 2 years in Las Vegas time).

There’s still a bit of construction happening on the CityCenter property, like roads, walkways, and finishing touches. The pool isn’t open yet, but it looks like there’s a wave pool coming (see photo)!

There’s a distinctive “waterfall” theme. There’s a huge waterfall lining the taxi drop off area outside, and one in the middle of the turnabout which has some interesting colours and effects. Then there’s more than a few waterfalls inside the property, too. You definitely don’t feel like you’re in the desert here.

Hop on a free tram from Aria, and you’re off to the opulent Bellagio resort.

Oh, and if you’re an Elvis Presley fan, you’re going to love the new Cirque de Soleil show – and the store!

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